Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are typical customer queries and clarifications listed in a question and answer (Q&A) format. Below are the most commonly asked questions about our products and services. We keep updating this section with newer Q&As periodically.

Can you modify a report to my specific needs?

Yes, a report can be modified to address specific requirements. Please submit your requirements in the form in the study page or click on ‘Customize this Study’ and fill in the details. Alternatively, you can also send an email to with the customization requirements.

How many primary interviews are done for a study?

Our primary interview database for every study exceeds beyond 1000 contacts for the majority of our studies. We conduct interviews and hold discussions with several executives, hundreds in most cases, from the C-suite and executive level to product managers.

Can we be part of the study and be profiled in your report?

We have short profiles for market players within the report. These cover products and how they compare with peers. We don’t include company profiles post publication. However, If you would like to be included into the next update of the study, please send an email to with your contact information for our analysts to contact you.

Do you offer discounts?

Typically, we don’t offer any discounts on our studies. We encourage our enterprise clients to purchase a subscription as it offers a significant cost advantage as compared to procuring off the shelf reports. However, we do offer a price subsidy for buyers from the academia and not-for-profit community. Please email to avail the discount.

Do you provide country level forecasts?

We do estimate and provide country-level market forecasts. They are an essential part of  our Expansion studies. With regards to our syndicated studies, you can procure country level forecasts as addons at at an additional charge.

How soon will I receive the report after payment?

Typically within 6-24 hours. However, in most cases, the report will be dispatched to you within an hour. We are also trying to make the report instantly downloadable and viewable online soon.

When does the next update of a study get published?

Our research team continuously update their data sets and forecasts every quarter. An update of the same study is published between 12 to 15 months from the original date of publication. A half yearly update of all studies is made available for our subscription clients.

Is it safe to use a credit card to buy a report?

The payment gateway on our website is encrypted by 128-minimum to 256-bit SSL encryption. The credit card payments are highly secure and are guaranteed by our SSL partner.

What are the types of studies and how are they different?

Currently, we offer five different types of studies: Impact, Disruption, Syndicated, Expansion and Multi Client. Each of these types have been designed in order to offer the best bang for buck type of analysis for each category and market analyzed. A comparison of all the types is provided in the table below.


$ 795

Per Study
  • Class ‘A’
  • 5+ Product Profiles
  • 10+ Charts & Figures
  • 20+ Companies Covered
  • 400+ Hours of Research
  • 8 hours of Analyst Support
  • Associated Market Forecasts
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$ 2495

Per Study
  • Class ‘D’
  • 10+ Product Profiles
  • 25+ Charts & Figures
  • 45+ Companies Covered
  • 800+ Hours of Research
  • 16 hours of Analyst Support
  • Global Market Forecasts
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SyndicatedMost Popular

$ 4150

Per Study
  • Class ‘S’
  • 20+ Product Profiles
  • 75+ Charts & Figures
  • 150+ Companies Covered
  • 1200+ Hours of Research
  • 32 hours of Analyst Support
  • Global & Regional Market Forecasts
  • Bundled Report Addons
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$ 7250

Per Study
  • Class ‘E’
  • 30+ Product Profiles
  • 100+ Tables & Charts
  • 200+ Companies Covered
  • 2400+ Hours of Research
  • 64 Hours of Analyst Support
  • Global, Regional and Country Market Forecasts
  • Market Oriented Addons
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Multi Client

$ 9150

Per Study
  • Class ‘M’
  • 50+ Product Profiles
  • 200+ Charts & Figures
  • 300+ Companies Covered
  • 4000+ Hours of Research
  • 108 hours of Analyst Support
  • Global, Regional & Country Market Forecasts
  • Bespoke Customization
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