Objectivity and Sourcing

Arcluster maintains a high standard for data, analysis and objectivity. Our methodology for data exploration is exhaustive and time intensive due to the combination of granularity and accuracy we aim to achieve. We are unbiased and look at every market from an objective 360 degree perspective. Therefore, we are very particular in anything that carries our name on it.

Arcluster’s name and published material in any form (print, online, audio and video) are subject to trademark and copyright protection, regardless of source. The sourcing policy applies to all external uses of the Arcluster name. External uses could be blogs, annual reports, press releases, research excerpts, research insights, podcasts, advertising, signage, etc. To list us as a source of reference, a request has to be sent to our Media relations team at research@arcluster.com for verification and approval. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse the usage request.


Reproduction of our data and studies through any form, including duplicating into external storage systems, emailing third parties, posting on the internet, is prohibited without prior authorization and a reprints license.

Quotes and Guidelines

As a client, you are allowed to reproduce a quote from one of our analysts. However, we require you to properly vet the quote with us and get our approval. Please note that our company has to be listed as the source. Please send us an email with the requested quote and the source and we will check the representation, approve and provide additional details. You may also request a custom quote, which we can be approved by the Research Director. Please note that reproduction of the report sections may also need to be approved by us if it is targeted for groups outside your organization.

Quotation requests for non-clients are normally declined. We make exceptions at times for the media, non-profit organizations, associations and the academia community. Please send an email with the requested information on the quote and the source to research@arcluster.com for approvals. Please note that for any quote, we will maintain our objectivity, provide data and not be biased towards a company or a product.


We do not award companies for their products and services. If you are approached with such requests through third party firms, please refuse participation and inform us.

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