Creative, Social, Data Curation

Creative & Marketing

Learn, Measure and Analyze

Marketing effectiveness, today, is stifled with three critical challenges – learning, measurement and analysis. These three help organizations to better target their customers and deliver the competitive edge. Our tailored solutions target these bottlenecks and deliver the much needed insight into processes and customers that can be transformed into profitable growth.

Data, Cloud, Analytics

Big Data, Deeper Insights

A lot of enterprises possess high value data on clients but are not employed appropriately to generate the visibility of how the customer landscape has evolved. We employ big data, cloud and analytics solutions across the marketing value chain and deploy them for critical functions, thereby providing deeper insights into business processes and decision making.

Design Toolkits

Build better product designs

Organizations have pre-set frameworks, processes and guidelines for marketing functions. This conventional style of operations limit teams to quickly adopt and execute emerging tools that have become available in the market. The capabilities of toolkits inserted into the design and marketing processes help deliver better insight into customer perception and product likeability.

Social Curation

Granular Customer Intelligence

Social data now runs into billions of lines of comments that is highly un-organized and hard to interpret correctly. Organizations have begun to engulf this into their feedback loop to understand their customers better. Our social curation services help organizations un-clutter this huge volume of data and deliver customer intelligence at granular levels.

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