Bespoke Research

Research should be targeted. Specialized and tailored research is essential for enabling ad-hoc and strategic business decisions. We understand this need and we ensure that our custom research is both value-driven and time-conscious. We work very closely with our clients on customized market research across the marketing and business value chain. Our strength in market understanding and data curation helps us rapidly gain leadership in bespoke research.

Research Solutions

Go-to-Market (GTM) Analysis & Strategy

A comprehensive analysis of the market ecosystem and the go-to-market (GTM) strategy recommended for this market.

Competitive Intelligence

A structured breakdown and analysis of every pertinent news related to a competitor, across multiple regions and markets, as it applies to the company. This is presented as a weekly, bi-weekly or a monthly presentation.

Regional Market Opportunity

A tracker based assessment of market opportunities in key focus regions and also covers the impact of competitors’ capability evolution on the client and provide significance of such evolution.

Market Planning

A planning assessment that encompasses market assessment, business case development, implementation support and roadmap and market readiness.

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Research Methodology

Continuous feedback from clients and our focus on micro emerging trends help us in identifying key markets. We go through a rigorous period of information gathering from both secondary and primary sources through several interviews with key industry participants. Data gathered from these interviews and surveys is further analyzed and engineered to understand buying, spending, demand and supply patterns and estimate market sizes and forecasts.


Every so often, syndicated studies don’t align perfectly with market research needs due to the scope of study and the dynamism of the need from the client’s end. A client might need granular market data or raw data. In such cases, a study can be customized with additional market data and analysis and delivered as a supplement report based on client specifications.

Sample Study

‘Impact Analysis – Software Defined Storage (SDS)’ is now available as a sample study. We’ve made it free to download for our clients to observe the style of analysis and writing in our most basic form of reports. ‘Impact Analysis’ reports are whitepaper-sized reports that focus on a disrupting technology and it’s impact on the present infrastructure and ecosystem. These reports are trimmed down versions of the broader ‘L’ class studies, which additionally cover micro market opportunities across industries and regions.

Reports and Studies

Our research team publishes market reports upon completion of research studies. These reports are an elaborate analysis of a specific market, and cover market size, forecasts and analyses of sub-markets in the ecosystem. These reports also provide insights from market trends, competitive landscape and product technology trends.

Market Trackers

Market trackers provide a more seamless and continuous coverage of trends, market size, pricing, shipments, bids, vendor shares for the markets we cover. These trackers, available as excel spreadsheet deliverables, are updated on a biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, depending upon customer requirements.

Research Subscription

Apart from syndicated and bespoke research, our research team maintains databases of market attributes that are utilized for decision making. These databases, market trackers and published research can be procured through a subscription service that enables our clients to constantly stay connected to our library of market data.

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Research Agenda

We aim to cover the top 25 markets each year and develop elaborate and insightful reports on them. At the same time, we plan to undertake a few multi-client studies and bespoke engagements, catering to specific industry challenges and market requirements.