Research Methodology

Our research methodology is governed by a six step process: Design, Discover, Validate, Analyze, Interpret and Formulate. Continuous feedback from clients and our focus on micro emerging trends help us in identifying key markets. We go through a rigorous period of information gathering from both secondary and primary sources through several interviews with key industry participants, channel players, regulators and standardization bodies. Data gathered from these interviews and surveys is further analyzed and engineered to understand buying, spending, demand and supply patterns and estimate market sizes and forecasts.

We further interpret this data and see how this is applicable across the value chain through market-data associations. Post this, we apply multiple check points to check consistencies, error samples, variances. Once the market data passes the tests and checkpoints, a report is published and made available with us and our reseller partners.


Client Requests
Micro-Emerging Trends
Analyst Views
Market Due-diligence
Topic Identification


Secondary Research
Organization Studies
Third Party Sources
Standardization bodies
Academic Studies


Primary Research
Vendor Briefings
Interviews with Players
Interviews with Channel
Interviews with Regulators
Demand Side Surveys


Survey Data Analysis
Participant Interview Analysis
Market Engineering
Interview Follow ups
Spending Analysis
Market Forecast Analysis


Data Verification
Market-Data Associations
Impact on Vendors
Case Studies
Use Cases


Reassurance Check
Consistency Check
Error Sampling
Variance Check
Report Publication
Client Feedback

Market Research Tools and Techniques

Top Down Approach

One of the most challenging aspects of market sizing is to be objective about a market and make a straight up no-biased evaluation. To conduct a market sizing study, it is imperative to follow both top down and bottom up approach because it provides more robustness to the estimate and is significantly more dependable than either of the approaches applied alone. In the top down approach, we begin with the Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning (STP) Analysis, where we identify addressable and available markets by drilling down from top-level data points.

However, adopting only the top down provides insights into cornering a number to target, but provides no insight into profiles of customer or doesn’t address the fundamental question – what does the customer want? To do this right, we employ a bottom approach supplanted with a data model.

Bottom-Up Approach

Typically, the bottom up approach is done to qualitatively assess customer groups that represent the target market segment. These customer groups act like the sample of the overall market and is employed to identify buying behavior and initial customers. Conventional bottom-up approaches are limited because they provide intelligence without .This largely confuses the company as it becomes infeasible to blindly trust that intelligence.

To address this, we introduce a data layer along with the bottom-up approach, we collect, verify and authenticate buyer decisions and preference from a number perspective as well. These quantitative validations become the backbone of customer intelligence, by supporting our derived intelligence on the buyer market and customer preferences.

Reports and Studies

Our research team publishes market reports upon completion of research studies. These reports are an elaborate analysis of a specific market, and cover market size, forecasts and analyses of sub-markets in the ecosystem. These reports also provide insights from market trends, competitive landscape and product technology trends.

Bespoke Research

Specialized and tailored research is essential for enabling ad-hoc and strategic business decisions. We understand this need and we ensure that our custom research is both value-driven and time-conscious. We work very closely with our clients on customized market research across the marketing and business value chain.

Sample Study

A class ‘A’ Impact Study is free to download for our clients to observe the style of analysis and writing in our most basic form of reports. Impact studies are whitepaper-sized reports that focus on a disrupting technology and its impact on the present infrastructure and ecosystem. These reports are trimmed down versions of the broader ‘S’ class syndicated studies, which additionally cover micro market opportunities across industries and regions.

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