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A class ‘A’ Impact Study is free to download for our clients to observe the style of analysis and writing in our most basic form of reports. Impact studies are whitepaper-sized reports that focus on a disrupting technology and its impact on the present infrastructure and ecosystem. These reports are trimmed down versions of the broader ‘S’ class syndicated studies, which additionally cover micro market opportunities across industries and regions.
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Information on the Sample Study

Objective and Scope

Market Introduction and Primer

– Megatrends
– Cloud Vs On-Premise
– Key Adoption Factors

Technology Impact Analysis

– Driving Growth through Big and Unstructured Data
– Data Outflow
– Adoption of Cloud storage Gateways
– Consumerization of IT
– Rise of Cloud Security

Market Analysis

– Hardware Market
– Storage Software Market
– Deployment Models
– SMB Adoption
– Regional Adoption
– Emerging Applications

Future Trends and Conclusion

Scope: The objective of this study is to analyze the impact of cloud on an organization’s storage strategy. The study aims at exploring the options of storage deployment combined with a brief analysis of the impact of technology on the enterprise, storage functions, markets and the applications. The scope of this research covers the impact of cloud-based storage across enterprises.

Study Type

Impact Analysis

Report Class


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Open License: Any content available to one person in an organization should be available for the team. We are focused on social collaboration within the enterprise. A seat license blocks this and therefore we don’t follow that system. We have one report license that is available for the entire organization. One for all.

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* With every purchase, we bundle Analyst hours for free to help our clients in further understanding of the report or to explore further areas within or outside the scope of the study.

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