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Cloud on Enterprise Storage Strategy: Sample Whitepaper

Executive Summary

The industry has moved beyond the traditional way storage is being used in an enterprise. Organizations have begun to shift from storage arrays on a datacenter rack to cloud-based storage. With cloud storage, enterprises can provision their storage needs for a monthly fee instead of incurring high capital costs in acquiring expensive on-premise hardware. On-premise storage is not just a well-understood setup for an organization but it also very fast storage enabled with faster storage networking capabilities.

This critical advantage makes On-premise storage preferred by a variety of enterprises that run a variety of workloads that necessitate low latency storage, database applications and overall high performance. However, from a cost standpoint, the depreciation of storage area network (SAN) and the inherent total cost of ownership (TCO) that includes costs across the value-chain from software licenses to personnel makes on-premise storage a very expensive option.

The objective of this study is to analyze the impact of cloud on an organization’s storage strategy. To read more, fill the form to receive a copy.

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